On-site activities

On-site activities

As a national institution, the Huron-Wendat Museum is dedicated to preserving and promoting the heritage of the Huron-Wendat Nation.

Come and discover the history, culture and arts of the Huron-Wendat, as well as their relations with other First Nations.

The Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations and the Musée Huron-Wendat offer a wide range of activities to discover the culture and history of the First Nations:

  • Audioguide or guided tour: Explore the history and culture of the Huron-Wendat Nation at your own pace, in your own language, or with an experienced guide.
  • Talking stick workshop: Make your own talking stick, a tool that was and still is used in tribal councils to regulate speech.
  • Necklace workshop: Accompanied by an indigenous craftswoman, make a traditional necklace from wood beads and leather laces.
  • Myths and legends: Sit around a fire in the Ekionkiestha National Longhouse and listen to an indigenous storyteller recount the myths of his childhood.
  • Escape game: Take part in an indoor and outdoor trail featuring 5 unique sites on the site of the Huron-Wendat Museum, created in collaboration with Défi-Évasion.
Talking stick Workshop 2

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